Check what's new in our range of Austin Seven spare parts and what's back in stock.

Page last updated: 31st March 2021

New Lines

BM69BM69Taper washer locating plate1923-3411.45each
BT974BT974Rain-X windscreen rain repellentAll6.90each
BG65'Bacon slicer' starter Bendix housing bush1923-2924.35each
BT902BT9028 BSF/BSW sockets (set)All116.90set
BB52BB52Starting nut (starting dog)1931-39124.30each
BT871Identifying Austin Sevens from their Factory Initials (Graham Baldock)7.90each
BL7/8BL7/8Kingpin bushes, Austin (pair)1923-3626.60pair
BT810BT810Austin Seven Specials (Bill Williams)36.00each

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Back in Stock

BB19BB19Camshaft centre bearing roller race1923-36115.20each
BK68cFront brake swivel fork, pin & nut1930-39128.80each
BR947Click reference no. to enlarge
Cow horn brackets (pair)1923-34165.00pair
BD951BD951Radiator core bottom support brackets (early Chummy etc; pair)1923-28139.60pair
BU64Rear shock absorber arms (short; pair)1934-39226.90pair
BA51cOil pressure ball, spring & fibre washer (set)All12.45set
BG87rClick reference no. to enlarge
Rear lamp with high visibility lens (Chummy/Box)1923-33252.90each
BG87gBG87gReplacement glass for rear lamp with prismatic lens1923-33212.90each
BA93BA93Vernier coupling (magneto)1923-28113.90each
BP169Hardy-Spicer u/j needle bearing assembly1934-39211.70each

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